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RIDE YOUR WAY OUT will be published live on

7 August 2022 at Klampenborg Galopbane (Copenhagen Racecourse) during the biggest

race day of the year, the running of

the Macallan Dansk Derby.


See you at the track for champagne, racing, and a new book.

Tickets for the derby


Hi, I'm Martin.

I feel like I have lived at least five lives in one, which makes it hard to explain to people what I am:

     “Now, I write. I used to be on stage doing musical theatre. Then I directed. Then I owned a dance studio. Then I rode racehorses. Then I produced video content. Then I studied theology. Then I coached public speaking. Then I did all of the above... but no, I'm a writer."

      My biggest worry and care in this world is how we communicate; how we talk to each other, and our ability to do so. I know it's a paradox but that's why I write.

   Sometimes we experience something that forever changes us and continues to mold us for years to come. A paradigm shift. Mine was “Cabaret". That show defined my craziness for years to come.

Ride your Way ebook.jpg




Actor and son of an alcoholic ex-jockey, Christian Kardahl is getting ready for the opening night of his expected breakthrough on stage. Years later, it is revealed that his love interest from the show was found dead. At the same time, he is most unexpectedly hurled into a pursuit of his childhood dream; becoming a jockey like his father. Two women, the beautiful nurse, Adoria and the outsider, Flo become his only allies in this cut-throat world of racehorses and warriors, while he is forced to face the demons of his past.


Amid his training, this quest is interrupted by a foe, daring to erode the very bedrock of his life. His identity. The seemingly innocent pursuit of a dream becomes a fight for his life. A fight for sanity. Will Christian either end his life or finally start it?

MOF ebook.jpg



Copenhagen, 1840 – Fighting to reconcile his religious obligations with a quest for romance, the eccentric philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard, rushes through the cobbled streets, thrusting himself into the arms of Regine and a disastrous engagement.


Copenhagen, 1855 – Withering away in a hospital bed, Bitter and alone, Kierkegaard conjures up a preposterous scheme. A vendetta against the Bishop of Copenhagen, and a mission to save the future of love.


Copenhagen, now – Wandering into an unknown church, introvert Christian Kardahl meets devout and mysterious Emma for the first time. Two days later, Christian comes across an old letter aimed to destroy a famous, eccentric philosopher. When a sudden murder is added to the mystery, the past has caught up. Christian and Emma are drawn into an involuntary quest that will make them question their belief in history and unless they can sort out the puzzle, their faith in love will be forever doomed.


‘Brilliantly written, a bridge between the present and Kierkegaard's past.’ – Book reviewer.

A Moment of Faith

the official trailer


This is where I write about what matters to me, yet can't justify writing a book about. Matters close to my heart; matters I believe needs to be addressed, or simply things I find interesting, or were cut in the final edit of one of my books.

Like this wonderful little story about Nero's favourite slave, Sporus. History fascinates me immensely and this is a beautiful example of how NOT to behave.

Image by Ilona Frey
Sincerely yours,
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